SuperFlow360 – real milking jewel

    more than 360 ml capacity

    less than 360 g weight

    a full 360 degrees visibility


    The value of a good milking collector is convincing for each day, 365 days a year. It is important that the device works efficiently and flawlessly allowing the highest possible standards of milk to be obtained and maintained. To make this possible, health of cows is crucial, which is always our main priority when creating a new product. During the design process, we thoroughly analyzed milking trends and the majority of the collectors on the market. We have improved the familiar solutions and have introduced many innovations to ensure even better performance, comfort and safety. We have used cutting-edge materials, so that you do not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. We set ourselves the goal of improving the daily work of milkers, while focusing on the least inconvenience for animals. We use the latest Polysulfone injection techniques and have created SuperFlow360 - a real gem among dairy product collectors. Thanks to that, you will easily take care of the quality and the highest milking yield.


    Materials used in the manufacturing process have necessary attestations and hygienic clearance certifications allowing the product to contact milk.  


    Lightness in operation

    By using ultralight polymers we were able to significantly reduce the weight of the device. Among highly efficient collectors the SF360 is one of the lightest on the market; its weight does not exceed 360 grams. This greatly facilitates the daily work of the milker and has a positive effect on the well-being of cows and udders are not overburdened. In addition, cow comfort improves linear design of the internal surface of the collector, through which it is very quiet.

    Extraordinary performance milking

    The collector has been designed to work with high yielding cows and is undaunted when confronted with high flows of milk. Even at very high flows, there is a stable vacuum. This is possible thanks to the combination of high working capacity exceeding 360 cm3, and the aforementioned vertical construction with a full roof cover. This improvement significantly increases and stabilizes the vacuum sucking milk, completely preventing the flooding of the collector and productivity losses during peak flow. You do not have to worry about flooding or overflow at the moment of peak flow because SF360 copes with it without any problem. In laboratory tests conducted studying flows, our vacuum collector, with a pressure of 42 kPa, received a flow rate of 20 l / min. 


    High strength - Long durability

    Today's parlors require lighter materials than steel and also very resistant to impacts and high and low temperatures. The Superflow 360 is made of polysulfone Radel PPSU, material that offers us:
    High mechanical resistance, creep and stiffness even at high temperatures
    Very high dimensional stability
    Excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures
    Physiologically inert (approved to be in contact with food)
    Suitable for sterilization
    High resistance to chemicals
    Polysulfone Radel PPSU creates a product of the highest quality and will operate in the most extreme conditions for long periods of time.


    Ergonomics of use

    The design of the collector from the top loaders in the connector pipes intake, through all the levels to the profiled bottom cover, has been optimized for ergonomic use. The device is very comfortable for the hand, which is essential for efficient and convenient work of the milker. An integrated vacuum manifold is designed to prevent air ducts being trampled on by cows – with the tubes being directed to the centre, not on the sides.



    Obtaining high-quality milk rapidly – Unique vertical steering system

    In taking care of your cows as best as you can, you expect that during the process of obtaining milk you should not sustain a loss in quality. Our collector fully meets those expectations. We have introduced many innovations, so that from the first day of application of the collector you will notice a significant change. One of our innovations is a unique vertical steering system with a full roof cover. This design has many advantages and among other things, its task is to prevent the formation of eddies and turbulence in the outflow of milk. The area has been divided into two streams that come together only at the discharge. As a result, while maintaining high, stable flow characteristics, there is no formation of free acid in the milk and a breakdown of proteins and fat cells, and this guarantees the highest quality of the acquired milk.

    Unique vertical steering system


    Security - Easy to clean

    The linear internal surface design depends not only on the fact that the milk will very gently roll down the walls, but also it does not deposit on any dirt. The SF360 is a self-cleaning collector - the interior has been carefully polished and it is perfectly smooth. There is no risk of formation porosity of the surface, because it is created of a material which has a high resistance to acids and mechanical damage. Therefore, cleaning is easy and efficient. An undoubted advantage when cleaning the collector is its transparency, which allows us to literally see inside and to assess the degree of purity.

    Super 360o visibility

    Construction of the collector from transparent material made it possible to obtain a completely transparent device. This feature, coupled with its shape, allows close observation of each flow of milk flowing from the teat separately. This allows the milker to point out very quick whether there is blood in the milk and thus determine whether the teat is healthy.



    Comfort & Health – Forward-Backward Milking or simultaneous

    SF360 allows for more comfortable work. The compact vacuum distributor is made of nylon in the construction enabling both alternative milking (forward - backward) and simultaneous.

    By applying different frequencies during alternative milking, you can get different milking speed of the front and rear quarters. When milking simultaneously, the pressure drops during massage, similar to the natural feeding of the calf. Thanks to the increased capacity and efficiency of milk collection, the collector provides a full vacuum canister ready to receive the next portion of milk. The use of the SF360 collector allows you to completely eliminate the phenomenon of washing the teats by returning milk.
    There is no need to also worry about the emergence of cross-infection. You are guaranteed complete safety of the prevalence of this during milking.


    Shape and anatomic arrangement of nozzles

    We know how important the correct enclosure of rubber teats to the suction manifold are. The shape nozzles used by us on the top cover allows the complete closure of the rubbers, and provides maximum vacuum when placing it on the teats. Spacing and angle of the inlets guarantee a fast and free milk flow down the sides of the collector, unblended streams and non-formation of turbulence. We also take care of the anatomic arrangement of nozzles which are directed at such an angle that allows a perfect teat placement.



    Polysulfone – Advanced technologies and modern materials

    The advantage of our collector comes from the application of advanced technologies and modern materials.
    The SF360 was made using injection technology of a special type of polysulfone - the market leading Radel® PPSU .
    This polymer is characterized by unmatched resistance to acids and high temperatures present in the cleaning process.
    It is also resistant to mechanical damage e.g. fall onto a hard floor, or trampling by a cow does not pose any threat to it.
    Rubber compounds used have been very carefully chosen, derived from the medical industry and meet all the standards of admission into contact with the milk. Steel is used in the collector and this is high-quality stainless steel.
    The entire production process is controlled at every stage and meets all standards of ISO quality control procedures.

    Best relation quality price in the market

    It is not difficult to create a cheaper and average product but it is much harder to make a product with high quality at a low price. The 21st century has given us the technology and remarkable materials, so we have added extensive knowledge, great passion and outstanding commitment of the whole team of specialists to create not the most expensive products, but premium ones! We have built a quality brand with the best and most modern components, which everyone can afford without concern! We offer products that are made in Europe with the best materials and under the control procedures of the ISO 9001 quality management system standard.



    Technical Specification




    Examples of the clusters based on our milking claw SF360






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