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    We, as a company with a passion and love for our work, perfectly understand this because in our projects, we are also focused on meeting this challenge and creating outstanding products which fully meet the expectations of our customers. To highlight our professionalism and to remember it in every respect, we have decided to create Milking Jewelry which is an unusual product that are not only practical, but also look like real gems. Nothing is more valuable to the company than a satisfied customer and vice versa. We work hard for our customers to make our customers proud of working with us.



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    Our mission:


    “The highest standards of milk quality - caring about the health of cows”


    We rely on the experience of experts and practitioners in our work. That is why we have worked closely with research centers and universities for a long time, so that the products we supply to our customers are of the highest quality. Research on the health of dairy cows has shown that the comfort and health of cows leads to higher efficient milk production. A very important indicator of the quality and quantity of milk yielded is contained in the level of somatic cells. This high quality milk contains up to 100,000 cells that arise from the natural regeneration of glandular tissue of the cow’s udder. We feel that the level of somatic cells in milk is an extremely important area and that is why we are focusing on this issue in our mission. As our specialists joke, a healthy cow can give milk with many flavours, and even milkshakes! You have to remember that with the proper approach and care, animals in return will reward us with a more desirable and optimum quality.





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