About us

    Agripatria was founded in 2013 for a group of persons that were working more than 10 years in the area of milking cows with the motivation of offering a milking claw lighter and with a higher performance than most. Our value for money is very good, which has allowed us to quickly locate ourselves in the entire Polish market.

    The dairy industry is in a continuous development, dynamic and that requires a constant renewal of the companies that participate in this sector.

    The advantages of our milking claw over others are its light weight, a capacity exceeding 360 ml and its manufacture with an ultra resistant material. In addition, the extraordinary value for money we offer.

    Our mission is to offer the highest standards of quality while taking care of the health of cows.

    We offer security, quality and speed in delivery, seriousness, support and help for our customers and distributors.

    Welcome to our team !

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